Make a picture frame with DNA sequence fragments

2019-04-03 09:38:43 zhongqi 11

If you want to give yourself a gift unique to the world, then maybe you could consider asking American company DNA 11 to decipher your DNA sequence and make it into a picture frame hanging in the living room.

Admittedly, this is a rather unique idea: after placing an order on the DNA 11 website and choosing the style you want, the company will courier you a set of DNA taking equipment, such as cotton swabs, putting them in your mouth, scratching and pulling them, sticking some mucous membrane, etc., and then putting them in a matching test tube, sealing them and sending them back to DNA 11. Within a few weeks, they will analyze your DNA sequence. Column, and intercept the fragments to make a super-large, super-artistic picture frame wallchart, you can magnificently hang it in the living room, to show everyone a unique oneself.

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