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Recently, many people have been asking about the taboos of the living room Fengshui hanging paintings. What kind of paintings are suitable for the living room and what kind of Fengshui taboos are there for the hanging paintings? In daily life, some people will hang paintings related to religion. In fact, it is not appropriate to hang too many Buddhist and Bodhisattva paintings at home, because too many Buddhist paintings will affect the relationship between members, especially the love between husband and wife. So, what are the living room hanging pictures of geomancy, what are the living room hanging pictures of geomancy taboos?

I. Drawing in the Living Room Suitable for Drawing in the Living Room

1. Nine Fish Charts

A picture of nine live fish. "Nine" means long and lasting. "Fish" takes everything as it wishes, which means more than one year. Nine fishes are also called "Nine Ru". In ancient books, there are clouds in the Book of Poetry: "Tianbaoding is always prosperous, such as Fujian, such as Gang Ruling, such as Chuan Fangzhi, such as increasing; such as the constant of the moon, such as the rising of Nanshan, such as the longevity of Nanshan, not falling; such as Songbaizhi Mao, all without failing or inheriting." In this poem, there are nine "Ru" words, and they are all Geely. Because Ru is homonymous with fish, nine fish pictures are drawn. They are titled "Jiu Ru" as Geely decorative paintings. Fish in the five elements belong to water, born in summer and autumn all five elements lack water, especially suitable for hanging nine fish maps.

2. Sanyang Diagram

A picture of three sheep, commonly known as "Sanyang Kaitai" or "Sanyang Kaitai". The meaning of Sanyang Tu is to attract luck, which can bring good luck. However, the zodiac belongs to cattle, dogs and mice, which are not compatible with sheep, so it is not suitable to hang a picture of three sheep.

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